1st Annual Meeting Ot-Medical Romania

Name of the event: Dental, Science and Inovation
1st Annual Meeting Ot-Medical Romania

Date start: 18 February 2017

Date end: 18 February 2017

Time (date start): 8: 30 AM (18 February 2017)

Name of the location (hotel, office, bulding, etc.): Grand Hotel  Italia Cluj-Napoca

Address: Strada Trifoiului 2, Cluj-Napoca 400478

The first annual meeting of the Ot-Medical Romania is an event  dedicated to those who want an evolution in their study and daily   practice.
The meeting aims to become an annual event with prestigious names in  dentistry, recognized nationally and worldwide.This year,  Ot-Medical  Romania, the organizer of this event,  invites you to take part to an   exceptional participation of Prof. Marius Steigmann- who is an opinion  leader in the topic “Soft tissue implants over”


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