Cluj Central Park, Chios Lake

If you go to Central Park in Cluj, the main attraction may be next to it: the playground between the park and Cluj Arena. You may also find there “Farcas fun parc” with “bumper cars”, carousels and trains. If you want a ride on the swan or with the hidrobicycle on the Chios Lake, the price is 10 lei for an adult and 5 lei for a child.

Deschiderea sezonului de canotaj

In Central Park there are also springboards and you may spend there 5 minutes for 4 lei.

Occasionally you can go to several exhibitions in the recently inaugurated Casino building. Unfortunately, Rocky pony who has been talking children in a carriage around the lake for 15 years, has not received the authorization yet after restoring the park.

However, there are some promises from the authorities that it will soon be authorised. The Central Park, that is also known as the Great Park, has existed for over 180 years and it is one of the main brilliant green places in the center of Cluj Napoca.

The park is bordered by the The Municipal Football Stadium on the west, The Hungarian Theatre on the east, Somesul Mic River in the north and Iuliu Hossu Street (which was actually Pavlov Street in the past) in the south.

The Chios Lake is the main attraction in the Central Park of Cluj. Its name is taken from the Chios Casino Restaurant which is placed on its edge. The Casino Building from the Central Park has been restored by the Cluj Napoca City Hall.

The alleys were reconstructed with cement slabs and there are now many lamps for street lighting. All the arch culverts will be restored and there will be water through the gullies.

Sports in Central Park

Canoeing on the Chios Lake in Central Park

Monday – Sunday: from 10 am to 9 pm

Children up to 14 years:

– Rowing boat 4lei / per person / 30min

– Bicycle, Swan 5 lei


– Rowing boat 8lei / per person / 30min

– Bicycle, Swan 10 lei / per person / 30min

In Central Park, the company Bisos Comimpex offers an elastic trampoline with 4 nets for all the children.

Monday – Sunday: from 10 am to 9 pm

Price: 4 lei/ 5 minutes