Join us at Marketing 4 IT

Ne place Clujul, la fel ca celor de la MK4IT. O mana de oameni si-au concentrat eforturile sa organizeze o conferinta de marketing dedicata marketerilor si specialistilor HR din companiile de IT.

Afla ce se va discuta si rezerva-ti locul din timp:

Marketing for IT (Mk 4 IT) is the only marketing conference dedicated to the IT companies from Romania. Organized as a one-day event, it brings together both the marketing and HR specialists working in the Romanian IT companies and the young entrepreneurs from this domain.

The theme chosen for the second edition is “Employer Branding & Product Marketing, Arts You Can Master”, as in the current, extra competitive market, a traditional approach is simply not enough when it comes to attracting and retaining new employees or winning new clients. Extra creativity and ingenuity is a must in order to stay on top. MK 4 IT aims to provide marketers with the necessary “weapons” to win the game.

The event will be structured on two panels, one focused on the challenges and the opportunities brought by Employer Branding and the other on best Product Marketing practices, both at a national and an international level. There will also be a keynote on how to attract and retain the highest performing employees, as well as a section dedicated to workshops.

During the conference the professionals working in the IT sector will have the opportunity to find out straight from marketing and HR specialists working in the leading companies from these fields which are the most innovative trends, techniques and tools that can be used in order to promote IT brands and products.

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