Turda Salt Mine is located in the Durgau-Salt Valley area in Cluj.

This salt mine is probably the most popular destination among tourists visiting Turda. Turda Salt Mine dates back to Romans times and it was one of the main reasons why Turda has grown so rapidly after the Romans left Dacia.

Salina Turda la 1874


The first document that speaks about salt extraction in Turda dates from 1271. In the past, the salt extraction was organized in so-called Salt Rooms. There were two types of Salt Rooms: ones for operation, storage and transportation to water and others were performing water transport and sale of salt.

Salina Turda


Later in 1786 salt exploitation became state monopoly and there were starting to appear several issues regarding the salt transportation on the abrupt road from the mine. As a solution to this problem, the authorities built the Franz Josef gallery (from 1853) and restored The Theresa and The Rudolf mines. In 1932 Turda salt mine was closed.Nowadays Salina Turda is one of the most important historical monuments in Cluj.

Perete Salina Turda


Over the years it was discovered that saline environment is very efficient in the treatment of respiratory diseases. This is due to constant temperature of 10-12 degrees Celsius, humidity of 75-80% and to the optimal concentration of aerosols (very soft solid particles of salt). Air speed is up to 0.2 m / s (0.02 m / s in Rudolf Mine). This is why in 1992 The Rudolf Mine was organised as a groundwater treatment room.

Turda Salt Mine Modernization (2008-2010)

After the modernization, people can find in Rudolf Mine a concert hall, sports ground, bowling, minigolf, a huge gondola and an elevator for disabled persons. In Terezia Mine tourists can take boats on the saline lake. Overall Turda Salt Mine has changed radically. The official opening of the Salina Turda after the restoration was made on 22 January 2010.

Interior salina

The organization of Turda Salt Mine

There are several mines:

  1. Rudolf Mine – It was started in 1867 and has 50 m width, 80 m length and 40 m depth.
  2. Ghizela Mine – opened in 1857.
  3. Terezia Mine – it has a depth of 90m and it includes an underground lake with a depth of 5-8 meters and a diameter of about 70 m. The mine has been exploited since 1690. On the northern wall of the mine there is a famous waterfall.
  4. Franz Josef Gallery – This is a horizontal gallery built as a great solution for transporting salt on the surface. Originally it had 780 m but it was later extended so that today it has 917 m. Between 1948 and 1992 this area was used as cheese warehouse.

Salina Turda


Salina Turda Street Salinelor 54 / B, Turda, Jud. Cluj.

Phone: 0264-311690, 0364-260940



Between 1st of May to October 31: 9-15 (last entry)

Between 1st November to April 30: 9-13.30 (last entry).

Opened Monday to Sunday!

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We recommend appropriate clothing (for 10 to 12 degrees)